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On a racist electoral video in Catalonia's third biggest city.


'Siete minutos' is an electoral propaganda video lasting as long as its title states, featuring Xavier García Albiol, the Partido Popular's mayoral candidate for Badalona. This DVD has been described by the other political parties as an incitement to racism. They do not protest enough. 'Siete minutos' is possibly the most disgustingly racist film produced by a mainstream European political party since the heyday of this particular genre in 1930s Germany.
Not just because the apparently spontaneous interviewees have been carefully edited (you don't have to have worked in TV to spot this ten miles off) so that they establish a direct link between crime, immigration and - given that the current Mayoress might allow a mosque to be built on a municipal site - the usurpation by foreign elements of public land. Neither is the problem that - despite Badalona being a bilingual city (I know, I worked there for eight years) - the video is 100% in Spanish, indicating it is sneakily aimed at that reactionary minority of monolingual working-class Castilian speakers who would rather vote for ultraconservatives than for Catalan-friendly socialists.
No, what makes this a really nasty video is the repeated use of blurred, middle-distance images (accompanied by distorted Arabic music) of Moroccan people in the street, presenting them as permanently obtrusive aliens, visibly less human than the sharply focussed, close-upped white Badalonans. Jesus, even Jorg Haider would have thought twice before showing anything as chauvinistic as this.
Last week the European Parliament revealed that a handful of German, French and British citizens resident in Catalonia had been complaining to it about the 'growth of extreme Catalan nationalism'. Yeah, right. Go to YouTube, you predictably misguided Aryans, and check out what Catalonia's only 'anti-nationalist' party is getting up to.

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