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On the importance of telling the Bourbons to bugger off.


Back in 1970, the American writer William Burroughs wrote that Britain would not be a free country until all its citizens rose as one and screamed out 'BUGGER THE QUEEN!' Seven years later he had the satisfaction of telegramming his personal congratulations to the Sex Pistols for having done something very similar with their single 'God Save The Queen', probably the most passionate symbolic attack on a constitutional monarchy, ever: 'God save the queen/the fascist regime.../God save the queen/she 'ain't no human being'. It went straight to number two in the charts.
Meanwhile, here in Spainland, three decades later, two young Catalan left-wingers who set light to a photograph of the local monarch and his lady wife during a recent demonstration in Girona, were hauled up before a court in the state capital and are now likely to get between six months and two years of porridge for 'insulting the King'. These formal accusations sparked off further protests around Catalonia - at which yet more royal mugshots were enthusiastically consigned to the flames - spurring the pertinent judges in Madrid to demand identification of all the people involved (about 300) so that they, too, could be duly accused of rudeness to his Highness. As a result, further protests have been planned, and so it goes on.
Meanwhile, the rest of the planet is about to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Sex Pistols' 'God Save The Queen', on October 8th. By way of a contribution to this homage, I would like to follow in William Burroughs's footsteps and recommend that on the day in question, Catalans everywhere practice a little English rudeness of their own by rising to their feet as one nation and bellowing: 'BUGGER THE BOURBONS!' I wonder if anyone'll notice?

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