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On the launching of Time Out Barcelona.


For well over a decade, different Catalan publishers have been coaxing, inveigling and sweet-talking the owners of the London-based weekly Time Out, with a view to obtaining a franchise for a Barcelona edition. On January 10th of this year, the multimedia holding Cultura03 having won the bid, Time Out Barcelona appeared on the newstands at long last, and promptly sold a healthy 25,000 copies. I don't think many Barcelonans would disgree that their city sorely needed a modern, all-embracing listings magazine (the perennial 'Guia del Ocio', incomplete and graphically unbearable, has never cut the mustard).

Time Out Barcelona shares most of the hallmarks of its London counterpart: a Gay and Lesbian section, a flurry of original tips for things to do in the city, regular columns by people who actually know how to write (Enric GomÓ's deliriously droll television page alone is worth the cover price) and so on. However, there is one thing it thankfully doesn't have in common with TO London or its other English-language siblings: an inexplicable tendency on the part of the respective editors to place the most cringe-inducing puns imaginable at the head of every article. For example in the same week, Time Out Abu Dhabi announced a piece about golf with the words 'Tee Time'. TO Sydney reported on the city's 'Bar Wars'. TO Israel introduced a guide to 24-hour shops with the title 'Clock Wise'. Why oh why is such facetious flippancy inflicted on those magazines' hapless readers? Toni PuntÝ, the top banana at TO Barcelona, has successfully prevented such uncalled-for crassness from infecting his new magazine. Or, as the folk at the London edition might have put it: 'Maiden Organ Says No To Pun Fun'.

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