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On the lack of notice the media take of violent Spanish fascists.


It is hard to help noticing that in Spain in general and Catalonia in particular, the most alarming items of news about violent right-wingers pass practically unnoticed ľ allowing the latter to go about their knifing, shooting and extorting with near perfect impunity - whereas the raising of a suspected ETA member's little finger, so to speak (never mind a full-blown maiming or slaughter) will send the media into paroxysms of gabble for days on end.
Thank the Lord, then, for the Valencian-based news magazine 'El Temps', which issued a report in mid-May on the recent re-arming of the Far Right. In 2004, the Guardia Civil stumbled across two suspiciously similar websites that used Neo-Fascist imagery to promote the sale of paralysing sprays, knuckledusters and a breathtaking array of knives not intended for kitchen use. When, a year later, the police finally raided the homes of the entrepreneurs concerned ľ among them, one Pedro Cuevas, jailed for four years in 1993 for murdering a teenage pro-Catalan activist ľ they found the website gear was merely a front for an offline trade in far more serious matÚriel: stun guns, dozens of small arms, sawn-off shotguns and a fully-functioning mother of a grenade launcher. What was more, of the 27 conspirators arrested, several were Spanish servicemen who were siphoning off weaponry from public arsenals and flogging it to their nationalist and racist comrades, enabling the latter to combine straightforward political activity with a covert campaign of violence against anyone whose face they found displeasing. Three years on, this band of brothers is now due to stand trial. It would be nice, would it not?, if for once they were given ETA-style media coverage: their names and faces plastered all over the Press, their actions not only energetically condemned by politicians of all colours but also enthusastically denounced by masses of demonstrators bussed into the Plaza del Sol, with banners saying 'Fascistas no, espa˝oles si!'. Why is it, even as I write, that I know it's just not going to happen?

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