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On being rejected for reasons of home decorating.


After my last snooty rejection by a UK publisher – which I described in this column with overstudied nonchalance in early 2007 - I swore I would never again submit a sentence more to that Island Nation. However, as Robert Burns concisely put it: 'The best laid schemes o' mice 'an men/Gang aft a-gley'.
Recently I heard of a small press in Nottingham that not only published work by little-known writers - and in Britain I am nothing if not little-known - but was also specifically interested in authors from or based in Catalonia. At last, I thought, someone who knows the score and won't consider me a crank – or, as several people have done without any apparent comic intent, a crafty opportunist - for writing in Catalan as well as English. Tossing cynicism to the winds, I sent off my two unpublished books in English (including 'Calling Card', now being serialised in this paper) as well as a selection of articles. I got a fast reply from the publisher, who started off friendly, saying he'd enjoyed the articles but didn't think they'd sell. Fair enough!, I consoled myself. When it came to the books, however, he explained that his upcoming list was full and made a point of adding that he wouldn't be extending it in the near future because he was pressed for time due to a leaking window in his front room and a host of other DIY-related bits and bobs. Blow me, I thought, as I re-read his message, how many writers can there be who have been rejected for reasons of home decorating? Should anyone reading this have had a similar experience, please don't bother writing in to tell me about it: there's a mirror needs hanging on my wall.

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