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On my father and I.


'Banda Sonora' ('Soundtrack') is a weekly programme on Barcelona TV in which guest interviewees talk about their lives while listening to snippets of their favourite music. The director, Josep Morrell, and his team do a thorough job, with a lengthy pre-interview, discreet filming of the subject going about his or her daily routine, followed by a spotlit studio interrogation. Last week, the interviewee, reader, was me. As usual on the few occasions when I have to watch my fat face on the small screen, I got tanked up before the broadcast but started to relax when I saw they hadn't manipulated the material for cheap effect (as is now the norm on TV everywhere). I was, however, surprised to find that I'd talked so much to camera about the conflict between me and my father, which - although it lasted a good twenty years - I normally keep quiet about. Neutralish though my comments were, when they coincided onscreen with old photos of Dad, it made him look a bit like the villain of the piece. For many years, indeed, I had treated him as such; I blamed him for everything seriously wrong with me, until I finally grasped that our evergreen contention could not be pinned on him and him alone, we being equal victims of that well-known institution the family, which has a nasty tendency to make kith and kin of completely incompatible people. Had I come to this conclusion earlier, I would surely have assured him to his face, on more than one occasion, just how much I loved him. Instead of waiting until the last time I saw him, when I whispered that secret into his ear as he lay eyes shut, in a London hospital, three weeks before his end.

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