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On inaccuracy and prejudice in 'The Economist'.


I'd hoped that by this time Economistgate would be old, even dog-worried hat, but no, this sad controversy is still with us. The story so far: in its November 8th issue, The Economist, a self-described 'authoritative weekly newspaper' based in the UK, published a special report on Spain. Mixed in with some pertinent economic analysis was a blithe chunk of Catalan-bashing, in which the Catalan language was assumed to be a nationalist-imposed hindrance to the economy, and the Catalans themselves – or their elected representatives – little more than a selfish bunch of apple-cart upsetters who had foolishly brought down upon themselves the opprobrium of all sensible Spanish people.
The article caused a whale of a splash, being announced on the evening news, commented on for weeks on end in Catalan newsapers both great and small, and, above all, causing thousands of citizens, whether Catalan or foreign, to send emails of correction and complaint.
The Economist waited three whole weeks before allowing a word of any of this to appear on its letters page. By which time, it had apparently received two 'balancing' opinions to contrast the two pro-Catalan ones (which latter, carefully documented, were from the Catalan Government's UK delegation and a Catalan professor at Princeton). One of the 'balancing' letters was from one Helena Medina in New York who spun therein a tale of anti-Spanish persecution in Catalonia unhampered by a single shred of evidence. The second was signed by EB, who limited himself to a brief xenophobic barf: 'Catalan politics is based on clumsy parochialism, dead-end linguistic nationalism and an astonishing amount of whining...'. The Economist should sign this gentleman up for their Madrid office on the double, as he obviously has just what it takes to be the Spanish correspondent for such an authoritative weekly: die-hard centralist prejudices combined with unadulterated ignorance of the porcine kind.

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