On how it's possible to be rude to monarchs.


I can count the times I've been made to feel like a right VIP on the fingers of half a hand, the most recent occasion being early last year, when a team from TV3 (Catalan Public Television) flew me over to London simply to film me opining about the British Royal Family. They shot me sneering at the royal tat on sale in the environs of Buck House and then interviewed me in the back of a Victorian pub. This short sequence was to be included in a documentary entitled 'Monarquia o República?', for which a wide range of republicans and monarchists had already been interviewed, mainly in Spain. During a break, the director voiced her concern that the film would end up being censored. It struck me as impossible, though, that in this day and age, a TV documentary could be canned just for questioning a hereditary institution whose authority is, after all, based on pre-Enlightenment – indeed, prehistoric – traditions that no one in their right mind takes really seriously anymore. The documentary, once completed, was scheduled to air in February of 2010. It didn't. Recently, the Catalan blogosphere has been asking whatever happened to it. TV3's director, Mònica Terribas, has certainly not been averse to broadcasting controversial material in the past, so the only possible conclusion is that she has been leaned on heavily from on high, thus revealing that there are certain people in the state of Spain to whom the rules of democracy still do not apply. Something which cannot, at least, be said of Britain, viz., the March issue of the British comic Viz, which contains an article called 'How to Send a Turd to the Queen', that the House of Windsor has not seen fit to either bowdlerise or ban. We would like to point out to interested readers that the instructions regarding said delivery of excrement to a royal are simple and clearly illustrated, and could easily be adapted to suit any other anachronistic head of state, including one particular one whose surname reeks of sour mash whisky. Off we go!

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