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On the murder of Anna Politkovskaya


In Chechnya, since 1991 approximately one hundred thousand people, mainly civilians, have been killed by Russian or Russian-backed security forces, who have also subjected the surviving nine tenths of the population to rape, torture, kidnappings and other atrocities, including football matches played with human heads and the sale of recently shot Chechens to families that wish to give them an Islamic burial.
These and many other details of life in Chechnya can be found in 'A Dirty War' and 'A Small Corner Of Hell', two books available in English and written by Anna Politkovskaya, who for years risked her life to document the Chechen war with a persistence that eventually made her into Russia's most famous journalist.
Politkovskaya, aged 48, was shot dead outside her Moscow flat last Sunday, October 8th, presumably as a gift to Federation president Vladimir Putin, who was celebrating his birthday at the time. With her die the hopes of millions of people that the Russian military – one of the most criminal in the world, say I – might one day be held accountable for their actions. So will there now be demos, protests, and cries of outrage, in Catalonia and elsewhere? Will we be boycotting Russian goods, or standing vigil outside the Russian consulate, or banging our saucepans in the twilight? I doubt it, given that neither the US or Israel are involved, and the excuse for a left wing movement in this country (as deliriously single-minded as it is distressingly non-observant) has been drumming it into our heads for years that these are the only two countries that merit any serious protesting. Rest in peace, Anna. I remember the good talk you gave in Barcelona, a couple of years ago. A pity that tiny auditorium was just half full.

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