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On the inefficiency of Spanish ISPs


Last Thursday I was on the evening train from Girona as it crept towards Barcelona at its usual leisurely pace. People were reading or dozing in a silence broken only by the gentle jiggering of the bogies. All of a sudden, the entire carriage was startled out of its wits by a voice screaming "CONY DE TELÈFON! T'HE DIT 'OTROS SERVICIOS', COLLONS! ETS SORD O QUÈ?!" I looked up to find a plump man in his thirties glaring with undisguised hatred at a cellphone clutched furiously in his chubby paw. I guessed that when trying to solve some telecommunications-related problem he had come up against the usual impenetrable barrier of recorded help messages.
My heart went out to him. After all, barely a soul in this country has been spared the incoherent technical support, the infuriating inefficiency and the insufferable arrogance of the phone companies and ISPs which have wheedled themselves into our lives and now feed off us on a monthly basis. In the space of three years, for instance, I have had to deal with dozens of mysteriously vanishing emails (Wanadoo), technicians who only knew how to configure two Microsoft programmes, neither of which I had (Telefonica), and a cellphone company (Amena, which recently turned Orange) that repeatedly cut me off when abroad and then lost my phone when I handed it in for repairs nearly a year ago.
In a nutshell, the most sophisticated communications technology yet known to mankind seems to be in the hands of a handful of bumbling money-grubbers who wouldn't know a USB socket from a WAP browser. If God were to sort this gormless lot out once and for all, why, I do declare I'd start believing in Him.

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