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It contains descriptions of all the books published in Catalan, and also one published (also) in Spanish; of all the collective short story collections (all in Catalan) to which I have contributed pieces, as well as of my one published book in English and two unpublished books in that language. Where possible, I have included extracts from reviews and pdf samples of some of the texts.

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Also on this site you will find, in chronological order, all the articles and lectures published in Catalan and English since 1990 which might still be worth taking a look at.

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There follows a short professional biography (in the third person). For a more detailed and unprofessional biography, please go to the book called 'Memòries!' (2004). (Or in English, to 'Calling Card' (2006)).

Matthew Tree was born in London in 1958. He taught himself Catalan in 1979. He came to live in Barcelona in 1984. He began to publish in 1990.

He has published:,
'Fora de lloc', novel, Cafè Central-EUMO, Barcelona, 1996. Two editions.
'Ella ve quan vol', short stories, Edicions 3i4, València, Octubre de Narrativa Award 1999. Two editions.
'CAT. Un anglès viatja per Catalunya per veure si existeix', Ed. Columna, Barcelona, 2000. A road book. Seven editions.
'Privilegiat', novel, ed. Columna, Barcelona. Columna 2001 Award. Translated into Castilian from the English version: 'Privilegiado' (Muntaner Editors, 2001).
'Memòries! 1974-1989. Dels quinze anys fins als trenta. Londres-Barcelona' Autobiography. Ed. Columna, Barcelona, 2004. Two editions.
'Contra la monarquia'. Ed. Ara Llibres, Barcelona, 2004. An anti-monarchical diatribe. Two editions.
'Aniversari. Quatre reflexions sense cap mena d'importància després de passar exactament vint anys entre els catalans'. Essay on various experiences in Catalonia. Ed. Columna, Barcelona, 2005. Two editions.
'La puta feina' Ed. Ara Llibres, Barcelona, 2006. A diatribe against work. Three editions.
'La vida després de Déu' Ed. Ara Llibres, Barcelona, 2007. An essay on religion. Three editions.
'Negre de merda. El racisme explicat als blancs'. An essay on racism. Ed. Columna Edicions, Barcelona, 2010.
'Com explicar aquest país als estrangers'. Ed. Columna Edicions, Barcelona, 2011. A translation into Catalan of previously published articles in English, mainly about Catalonia. Three editions.
'Barcelona, Catalonia. A View from the Inside Ed. Cookwood Press, Massachusetts, USA. 2011. A complete collection of previously published articles and lectures in English.
Jordi Arbonès - Matthew Tree. Ed. Punctum, Lleida, Catalonia, 2013. The correspondence between the English-Catalan translator Jordi Arbonès and Matthew Tree.
SNUG. AK Digital, Barcelona, 2013. NOVEL. In English. A promotional paperback and e-book put out by the Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency to attract the interest of both mainstream publishers and the general reader.

He has been a member of the Germans Miranda writers' collective and has contributed stories to all their anthologies: 'Aaaaaaagh' (1998); 'El Barça o la vida' (1999); 'Tocats d'amor' (2000); 'Contes per a nenes dolentes' (2001) i 'La vida sexual dels Germans M.' (2002) and 'Adéu, Pujol!' (2003). All published by Columna. He has also contributed non-fiction pieces to two collective books about Barcelona: 'Què fas aquest diumenge?' (La Magrana, 2002) and 'Barcelona Acròstic' (Destino/Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2002). He has also contributed two short stories to the following anthologies: 'L'hora del conte' (La Galera, 2006) and 'Contes coordinats' (Ed. Montflorit, 2006).

He has contributed columns and fiction to the following newsapers and magazines: Diari AVUI, The Times, El Temps, Lletra de Canvi, Matador, The Metropolitan, The Edinburgh Review, The Dalhousie Review, El País, Cave Canis, El Periódico de Catalunya i Time Out Barcelona Guide.
He currently contributes articles to The Times Literary Supplement (occasionally), the El Punt Avui newspaper (every Sunday), Catalonia Today magazine (every month) and Barcelona INK magazine (whenever it comes out).

He has been a contributor to and occasional presenter of the following radio and TV stations: TV3 ('La Cosa Nostra', 'Tenim paraula'), Ràdio Contrabanda, Ona Catalana, BBC World, el BBC World Service i RAC 1. He was co-scriptwriter and presenter of the infotainment series 'Passatgers' (TV3, 2005, 2006). He currently appears monthly on Catalunya Ràdio's 'Oracle' debate programme.

For over ten years he has given readings of his work in Catalonia, Valencia, Majorca, England, Ireland and Califòrnia.

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