Ella ve quan vol
Publisher: : Tres i Quatre (1999)
Collection: Narratives
ISBN: 84-7502-596-X
'ELLA VE QUAN VOL' ('She Turns Up When She Feels Like It': Catalan original available only) is a collection of short stories which was, so to speak, my first break, in that it won the October Prize for Narrative in Valencia, one of the more credible literary awards in the Catalan-speaking world.

Joan Josep Isern, writing for the Catalan newspaper AVUI, said this of it:
'The book ends with a third section consisting of 'No cal' ('No Need'), an excellent soliloquy which fits in with the thinking of those punk prophets who used to scream out 'no future'. It is good to hear the voice of Matthew Tree.'

And Juli Capilla, writing for the Valencian daily LEVANTE, commented:
'Matthew Tree turns out to be an extraordinary story-teller'.


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