Publisher: : Columna Edicions, Llibres i Comunicaciˇ, S.A. (2004)
Collection: ClÓssica
ISBN: 84-664-0411-2
'Mem˛ries!' ('Memoirs!', Catalan original available only), was written partly to get myself out of the depression and lack of self-confidence brought on by the unsatisfactory reaction (for me) to the previous novel ('Privilegiat'). I felt I could now only write about the one thing I was sure I still knew something about: my past. 'Mem˛ries!', then, deals with the years from 15 to 30, involving my much-loathed private school, my equally loathed university - both of which I went to voluntarily - the mental breakdown partially caused by so much loathing, my good time with the London anarchists, my move to Barcelona and a final nostalgic chapter about the many weekends I spent on a heavily built-up area of the Catalan coastline.

Some of the material from 'MemoriŔs!' has been included in a longer, recent autobiographical book, written in English. It is called 'Calling Card' and can be found under 'Books ľ Unpublished Work'.

About 'Mem˛ries!', Ponš Puigdevall, writing in PresŔncia magazine, said:
'"Mem˛ries!", a book in which we can find his very best narrative style, with none of the ballast which has occasionally weighed it down. First of all, there is the dizzying pace of the prose, full of poisonous tentacles which drag the reader across the closed compound of a damaged conscience...This is also a book which is marked, page after page, by a sense of humour, by surprising comparisons, in order to describe with rage and efficiency what turns out to be the real nucleus of the narration, the depressive process and the catastrophes of the soul which Matthew Tree has been suffering for years. It is at this point that the reader appreciates the enormous amount of courage and honesty which shines from every page, as he closes in, without omissions or weasel words, to the depths of his own personality. The background music is made up of the sounds that stem from an experience which we might call the apprenticeship of a vocation, that of literature...Matthew Tree's best book to date'.

Marc Romera, in El PaÝs, wrote:
'...he makes poetic language connect instantly with the unconscious and then has it spread itself out using onomatopoeia, alliterations, repeated phonic groups... This is the fascinating language of Matthew Tree: prose converted into a kind of impatience and haste which is the haste and impatience that has been condensed, we may assume, in the author's accelerated brain'.

Monika Zgustova, the Czech novelist who writes in Catalan and Spanish as well as her native language, said in the AVUI newspaper:
'"Mem˛ries!" is, in my opinion, the most impressive, the most interesting and the most beautiful book that Tree has published so far.'.


Carta a Addie
Aquest pdf de la primera part de 'Mem˛ries!' - la 'Carta a Addie' - es pot baixar aquÝ.

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