Negre de merda. El racisme explicat als blancs.
Publisher: : Columna Edicions (2010)
Collection: L'Arquer
ISBN: 978-84-664-1182-0
This personal essay (in Catalan) looks at what racism is, where it comes from, where it can lead to, and why it is slowly on the way out. Comparisons are made between racism towards people considered 'inferior' to white people, using anti-black racism as a paradigmatic example. And racism towards people considered equal or superior in intelligence to white people, but crafty and alien, is also described, using antisemitism as the main example. Other chapters talk about why and how Europeans got to think of themselves as the worldwide top bananas, and the biological causes of racist cruelty. There are illustrations.


- Textos i contingut: Matthew Tree - Disseny i programació: Nac -