Editorial: : AK Digital (2013)
ISBN: 978-84-616-3114-8
SNUG is a novel in English about a small village in the Isle of Wight which finds itself under siege by Africans who have gone there for that very purpose.

"An utterly compelling, uncompromising, visceral and unflinching look at racism, anti-Semitism and the legacy of colonialism. The adult protagonists are drawn with a deft accuracy and the resultant emotional impact of a heat seeking missile. The book bewitches the is touching, deeply moving and very funny." KS Lewkowicz - composer and lyricist of Goodbye Barcelona and Release The Beat.

"This strikes me as being an enviable tour de force. It kept me enthralled, and glued to the page all the way through." Jordi Puntí - author of the award-winning novel Lost Luggage.

"Snug is an astonishing narrative of the imperial thuggery lurking beneath the genteel veneer of life in an English seaside resort. An ironic, highly dramatic tale of the siege mentality of the Little Englander. Eastbourne or Ventnor will never seem quite the same." Peter Bush - former Director of the British Centre for Literary Translation.

"This book´s a must, and not to be missed. It will grip you from beginning to end" Antonia Kerrigan, AK Literary Agency.


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