Welcome to the SNUG website.

Well, as you can see, the novel SNUG now has its own website, with readers’ comments, reviews, photos, and so forth. The current edition of SNUG is a fully professional, fully corrected professional one, published by the Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency here in Barcelona, where I live. Antonia decided to go ahead and do this edition, because despite her and other readers’ belief in the quality of the book, she was running into a more or less unbroken wall of silence from UK publishers. The idea of the promotional edition – available as both an e-book and a paperback from Amazon and other online sellers – is to stir up the interest of UK publishers, agents and, of course, readers. Later this year there’s going to be a launch of the book in London, with readings, African music (readers of the book will know why), drinks, and so on. Maybe even dancing. But more of that later. This is the first post on the site, and I’m not even sure it’s going appear where and as it’s supposed to…

This is what the cover looks like, by the way, designed by Bernet Ragetli, an excellent graphic designer and illustrator who is based in – and is from – Amsterdam.


And here, indeed, is the whole wrap: back cover, spine and cover (click on the image to see it better or even at all):


Cover_SNUG_uitw small jpeg





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