SNUG gets into a few bookshops.

The Alrevés publishing house in Barcelona has brought out  a limited edition of SNUG (in English) for bookshop distribution in Catalonia (and indeed anywhere else in the world, through the distribution platform For the time being, it can be found in the following Catalan stores:



Pau Claris, 85





Carrer Balmes, 129 bis

Llibreria Anglesa S



CALELLA (on the Maresme coast)


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SNUG and readers’ clubs.

Here in Catalonia, oddly enough, SNUG has been taken on board by several readers’ clubs, mainly in the Girona area, despite it being a difficult novel in terms of language and vocabulary, for non-native speakers of English. As a result of the interest shown, the cultural cooperative Abacus – where may of the clubs are held – has ordered 200 copies. Here is just one reaction from the first club which I attended on 11/10/13, courtesy of the journalist Gemma Busquets…


Captura de pantalla 2013-10-13 a les 13.49.43

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Finally located: the photograph which became a primary source for SNUG.

This photograph – showing two tourists on a beach in southern Spain regarding a washed-up African corpse with supreme indifference – was taken in the early 2000s. It became the source for SNUG’s opening scene, as well as for much of the novel’s content (and anger). I originally saw this picture in a newspaper and have only recently been able to locate it on the internet. For more details, please see the ‘Making-of’ section, on this site.





The first review of SNUG, now available in English.

The very first professional review of SNUG appeared a month ago in the popular online cultural magazine Núvol. As the magazine is in Catalan, so was the review. It is now available in English, below.


Barcelona. / 16.09.2013

Snug is the title of the latest book by Matthew Tree, and his first to appear in English: his mother tongue. Oddly enough, all this author’s work so far has been published in Catalan and occasionally Spanish, but the reversion to his native language is especially appropriate for this current work, Snug, a word which encapsulates the entire meaning of the novel, which will not leave any of its readers indifferent.

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Two new readers’ (very) recent comments, sent via Facebook.

Two recent comments appeared recently via Facebook from new readers. The first on  28/9/13, from Elaine Jones:

A really well-written book! Many thanks! Loved the story – it really made me step back and take a look at British society…couldn’t put it down until I had finished’.


And the second from Rosa Maria Clua, on 30/9/13:


Congratulations Matthew Tree, SNUG is wonderful !

A new interview about SNUG and a review of the novel appear in the Barcelonan online cultural magazine ‘Núvol’.

On 16/9/13, the prestigious online cultural magazine in Catalan Núvol, published a full-length interview about SNUG, in English, by the editor, Bernat Puigtobella, and the writers Jordi Puntí and Màrius Serra. (A Catalan version is also available). A Catalan language review of the book has also appeared in the same issue. The full texts can be found in the ‘Press’ section of this site (including the English translation of the review).

The original English language version of the interview is reproduced right here…

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Someone I don’t know from Adam posts some praise for SNUG.

SNUG was published – in a promotional but professional edition by the Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency – in March of 2013. Before then, the MS had circulated among several trusted critical readers (most of them writers themselves). When the book was finally out, the first people to get a copy were, naturally enough, either friends or acquaintances or at least people I had had some kind of contact with. The  comments that they wrote to me or posted on Amazon sites are, nonetheless, genuine ones, meaning they are free of false praise  (they can be found in the Readers’ Comments section). But on July 21st, for the first time, someone I don’t know at all posted this message on the Amazon US site:

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Matthew Parris on SNUG in The Spectator magazine.

Matthew Parris, the Times columnist, recently made this comment on SNUG in the Summer Reading section of The Spectator…


Summer reading

What our regular columnists will be taking on holiday 3 Comments 29 June 2013 summer-books

Matthew Parris

I’m only a few pages into Snug, by Matthew Tree (AK Digital, £12.62) and I know already I shall sail through it. Tree somehow thinks like me: writer and reader fit. It’s a first novel and I can tell it’s going to be ambitious in its resolve to be both serious and funny. And I’m intrigued by an author venturing at last into his own mother tongue: living in Barcelona — where he’s widely known and published — Tree has written only in Catalan for the past two decades.

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Welcome to the SNUG website.

Well, as you can see, the novel SNUG now has its own website, with readers’ comments, reviews, photos, and so forth. The current edition of SNUG is a fully professional, fully corrected professional one, published by the Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency here in Barcelona, where I live. Antonia decided to go ahead and do this edition, because despite her and other readers’ belief in the quality of the book, she was running into a more or less unbroken wall of silence from UK publishers. The idea of the promotional edition – available as both an e-book and a paperback from Amazon and other online sellers – is to stir up the interest of UK publishers, agents and, of course, readers. Later this year there’s going to be a launch of the book in London, with readings, African music (readers of the book will know why), drinks, and so on. Maybe even dancing. But more of that later. This is the first post on the site, and I’m not even sure it’s going appear where and as it’s supposed to…

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